What to Do if You’ve Been in a Car Accident in Pasadena, CA

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In the first nine months of 2021, more than 3,200 California residents died in car accidents. That’s more than 10 people every day.

Getting into a car accident in Pasadena can be the most painful experience of your life. But you can take control of the situation the second after an accident occurs. The key is you know a few essential steps so you get the compensation you need.

What do California laws say you need to do after an accident? How can you start collecting evidence at the accident scene? How should you interact with an insurance company?

Answer these questions and you can find your road to recovery in Pasadena today. Here is your quick guide.


Call the Authorities

California Vehicle Code section 20008 requires the drivers involved in an accident that results in injuries to contact the police within 24 hours. You can file a written report with the Pasadena Police Department, or you can call 911.

Calling 911 will help you get medical assistance immediately after the accident. It will also create a recorded phone call you can use to prove that you were in a car accident. Even if you think someone else is calling 911, you should call the authorities so they know you reached out to them.

Tell the dispatcher where you are, what injuries you have, and if you think anyone else was injured. Stay on the line and answer any questions the dispatcher has for you.

You do not have to talk about who was at fault for the accident. Be cautious about what you say and consider calling a lawyer who can protect your rights as you talk to the police.


Obtain Everyone’s Information

exchange information after a car accident

Before you or the other driver leaves, you should exchange your contact information. Go to a well-lit area that is away from oncoming traffic.

You should take a photograph of their car insurance paperwork and registration so your lawyer can reach out to their insurance company. Write down their license plate and a description of their vehicle as well.

If they flee the scene before you can talk to them, they have committed a crime. You should tell the 911 dispatcher what happened.

You should also get information from the other driver’s passengers. Their names, addresses, and phone numbers are all you need to obtain. Your lawyer can depose them and ask them questions about what happened.

If someone witnessed the accident, you should get their information as well. Take note of any businesses in the area that they may have security cameras that captured the events. Even footage leading up to the collision can show you were driving safely.


Get Help From the Paramedics

You can experience many different types of car accident injuries. Scrapes may seem minor, but they can get infected or cause severe pain. Head injuries can take several hours to become apparent, and they can lead to long-term cognitive problems.

Approach a paramedic and ask them to inspect you. You should tell them if you are experiencing any pain or difficulty moving. If you have a serious injury, you can remain in your vehicle and wait for them to come to you.

Your paramedic may ask you to go to the hospital for further treatment and exams. This may be inconvenient, but you should go so you can avoid complications. Make sure you get the paramedic’s information before you leave.

Even if the paramedic feels you are okay, you may want to go to your doctor. Your doctor can give you a more thorough evaluation and take notes on any problems you are experiencing.

You may feel shaken or anxious for a few days after your collision, even if you were not hurt. Be willing to take time off of work so you can calm down.


Document Your Accident and Your Injuries

Before you file a claim, you should talk to a car accident lawyer. They should talk to the other driver’s insurance company, not you, as insurance companies can use your words against you.

You need many documents in order to get money from the other driver’s insurance company. You should provide a witness testimony describing your observations and actions before and during the accident. Be as detailed as possible.

If you get witness testimonies from others, you should do so. If they don’t want to talk to you, you should hire a car accident lawyer to connect with them.

Avoid contacting the other driver. Your conversation with them may become hostile, and they may ask you questions you do not want to answer.

Focus instead on proving that you were injured and can claim financial damages. Medical forms and notes from your doctor can describe what you experienced. If you were hospitalized or needed tests, you can use hospital bills to show you spent money on medical services.

If you developed mental health problems after the accident, you can claim money for psychological therapy. You can use bills from your psychiatrist and paperwork to show you have developed a condition like PTSD.


Contact an Experienced Car Accident Attorney in Pasadena

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You can fall victim to a car accident in Pasadena at any moment. Once you’re safe, call 911 and tell the dispatcher about your injuries. Request the paramedics and get information from all involved parties, including passengers and witnesses.

Have a medical professional evaluate you for any injuries, even minor ones. Collect your medical records and medical bills and provide them to your potential attorney. At Rose Accident Lawyers, we are committed to helping injured victims recover just compensation. Our personal injury lawyers serve the greater Pasadena area. Contact Rose Accident Lawyers today for a free consultation.