Pasadena Personal Injury Lawyer

Pasadena Personal Injury Lawyer

When a person acts negligently or recklessly in a way that injures someone or results in wrongful death, they should be held responsible. Our firm understands first-hand the difficulties of fully recovering from these accidents, as well as the challenges that will arise with pursuing compensation without a personal injury attorney.


Our personal injury lawyers in Pasadena will put our knowledge and passion to fight for justice for you. We’ve recovered millions in compensation for our clients. Call us for a free consultation today.

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Do I Need an Accident Attorney in Pasadena, CA?

Personal injury cases are often complex. Without representation, injured victims are expected to navigate through legal issues such as liability, insurance coverage, medical expenses, who is at fault, and damages that require expertise to resolve. This can be very challenging for a victim who is experiencing the physical, emotional, and financial burden of a motor vehicle accident.


Thankfully a team of highly qualified, trained, and knowledgeable Pasadena personal injury attorneys are here to guide you through the entire process. Using skills gained from representing serious injury victims and their families, Rose Accident Lawyers creates customized strategies for our clients in order to obtain maximum compensation. Even when insurance companies unfairly devalue or deny your claim, our team demands fair compensation.


Our law firm in Pasadena, CA is committed to helping each one of our injured clients, from start to settlement. To get the recovery you deserve and hold the responsible party accountable for their actions, contact us today at (626) 995-8065.

Do I Have A Personal Injury Case?

insurance companyMany people become the victims of negligent actions every day, whether it is due to a car accident, pedestrian accident, or any other type of accident. One of the first questions you might have following an event like this is what are the next steps. Unfortunately, these next steps can be challenging and difficult to manage, especially if you sustained catastrophic injuries or losses in the accident. All the personal injury law complexities could even keep victims from pursuing legal action, despite being entitled to fair compensation.


Generally, personal injury lawsuits must prove that a person or company owed a duty of care to another, failed to meet that level of care, and that failure caused tangible harm to someone else. This “duty of care” is a legal term that refers to the responsibility one person must avoid causing harm to another. For example, the driver of a car has a legal duty to operate the vehicle with reasonable care. Failure to do so places others in avoidable danger, which can lead to injuries or fatal car accidents.


So how do you know if you have a case? One of the best ways to find out is by sitting down with a Pasadena personal injury lawyer. At Rose Accident Lawyers, we offer free, no-obligation case consultations to new clients. During this evaluation, one of our attorneys will investigate the details of your case and explain the legal process to you. We break down your injury claim step by step and offer personalized, professional advice on how we believe you should continue with your case.

What is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

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Once you decide you want to pursue a lawsuit, you could be wondering how much your case is worth. A lawyer can estimate the case value by assessing your medical records, police reports and statements, and scene evidence. This amount is calculated with the intention to provide the most assistance to recovering accident victims. However, the value of your case depends on key factors like the circumstances of your accident, the severity of your injuries, and your insurance coverage.


The Pasadena personal injury attorneys at Rose Accident Lawyers have successfully recovered large settlements and verdicts for our clients. These restitutions help injury victims recover from their pain and suffering as well as ensure a stress-free future. To determine the value of your case, our attorneys consider the following:

Medical Bills

After a crash, we always recommend seeking medical care, especially if you sustain serious injuries. Even if you do not feel hurt immediately after, shock often hides injuries that eventually surface later. However, we understand how costly medical expenses can be and how quickly it adds up. The costs usually include testing, hospital stays, medicine, doctor appointments, surgeries, medical equipment, physical therapy, and so much more.


The damages you recover from your case will cover the cost of any medical care associated with the accident. A qualified Pasadena personal injury attorney will be able to obtain compensation large enough to cover reimbursement for any treatment you have already received and compensation for the estimated cost of future medical care you will need down the road.

Lost Wages/Lost Earning

If you are injured following an auto collision, you might not be able to return to work or earn a steady income for yourself and your family. As a result, you may be entitled to compensation if the accident impacted your salary and wages. This includes not only income you have already lost since the event, but also the money you would have earned in the future had the incident not occurred. When a crash changes your ability to provide for yourself, your potential earning capacity is also impacted.

Pain and Suffering

A lawsuit settlement factors for non-economic harm, also known as pain and suffering. Pain and suffering qualify as two different states of feeling. There is the state of physical pain and suffering; then there is the state of mental pain and suffering.


Physical pain and suffering is the external feeling of physical injuries. This consists of not only the discomfort one has endured since the accident, but also the long-term effects one will suffer in the future as a result of the negligent acts – such as necessary medical treatments.


The other side of this type of damage includes mental pain and suffering. Examples of this are things such as emotional distress, mental anguish, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, anxiety, anger, PTSD, and other psychological effects due to the accident and resulting injuries. Similar to physical pain and suffering, mental pain and suffering refer to the effects to date as well as potential distress in the future.

Emotional Distress

When injuries caused by an accident keep you from enjoying day-to-day life and usual joys like hobbies, exercise, and other recreational activities, you may be entitled to receive loss of enjoyment damages. Emotional distress damages are taken very seriously in personal injury lawsuits. These damages are meant to compensate a victim for the psychological impact of an accident and any resulting injuries — including fear, humiliation, and mental disorders.

Loss of Consortium

Loss of consortium entitles a victim to recover non-economic damages. Similar to pain and suffering, these are subjective damages to compensate for the loss of the spouse’s or partner’s companionship, comfort, care, protection, affection, assistance, loss of love, and moral support.


In California, there are four elements a spouse (or registered domestic partner) needs to prove for loss of consortium:


  1. A valid legal marriage or registered domestic partnership between the spouse and the injured spouse at the time of the injury.
  2. The spouse is injured or dies as a result of negligent actions or failure to act.
  3. The non-injured spouse suffered the loss of his or her spouse’s or partner’s consortium.
  4. The act or failure to act was the proximate cause of the injuries or death.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are also called exemplary damages. They are often awarded to punish the responsible party and to set a public example to discourage similar conduct in the future. Punitive damages are given if a case provides clear and convincing evidence that the responsible party engaged in negligent conduct with malice, oppression, or fraud.


It is important to remember that every case is different. What you may be eligible to recover is going to be based entirely upon the circumstances of your accident and what transpired before, during, and after. Regardless of the severity of your claim, you deserve justice. But if you are unsure about your claim, contact us today. Our team is here to provide you with legal advice and to help you better understand your legal rights.


If you have questions about your case or the damages you may be able to recover, our personal injury attorneys are ready to help you.

Get a Top Personal Injury Lawyer

The personal injury attorneys at Rose Accident Lawyers are ready to take your case. Our experience and determination allow us to get the best possible outcome for our clients. Whether your case is settled out of court, or we compile a case to fight through a trial, we promise to do whatever it takes to recover the compensation that you and your family deserve.

When you or a loved one has been injured in a negligent accident, our team is ready to represent you. Our team has dedicated their careers to standing up for injured victims and holding the irresponsible party accountable for their actions. Find out what sets us apart from other law firms and what makes us uniquely suited to take on your case. Call our personal injury law firm at (626) 995-8065 for a free consultation with one of our Pasadena personal injury lawyers.

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