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Driving on California’s roadways can be risky, especially in highly-populated cities. There is always a chance of being in an accident whenever you are in a motor vehicle, but some areas are more likely to experience these life-changing events. And considering multiple freeways and crowded highways run through the city limits, residents of Pasadena understand all too well how dangerous driving can be. California Highway Patrol is reporting more and more car accidents than in previous years. In fact, fatal motor vehicle accidents are on the rise for the first time in years.


Whether your accident is a small fender-bender or a major car crash, knowing what to do can help ease the burden following a devastating car accident. You cannot always prevent other drivers on the road from acting recklessly. However, you can take charge of the situation by making informed decisions and hiring a skilled Pasadena car accident lawyer to represent you.


Our auto accident attorneys at Rose Accident Lawyers have extensive experience handling car accidents and injury victims and their families in Pasadena. Using first-hand knowledge gathered throughout our practice, we listen carefully to your concerns and offer professional guidance regarding your case. To find out how our law firm can help you, call us today for a free consultation at (626) 995-8065.

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Do I Need A Pasadena Car Accident Lawyer?

Many car accidents are caused by human error, with that error most often involving driving too fast, while impaired, or distracted driving. This kind of recklessness can leave a person with significant damage to their vehicle and serious injuries that can last a lifetime. After an accident, most victims who have never been involved in a car crash do not understand their rights or how confusing car accident litigation can be.


One of the first things to understand is that the insurance company is not on your side. Although insurance is in place to protect you after car accidents, insurance companies make more money the less they give out on claims. These companies frequently reduce the value of your accident, bodily injuries, and damages in order to pay you less – or simply deny coverage altogether. And when accident victims attempt to speak with the other party’s insurance, whatever is said can be used against your claim. Even if you are 100% not at fault, saying the wrong thing can negatively impact the amount of financial compensation you are owed.

Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

pasadena car accident attorney can help recover medical billsA skilled car accident attorney understands how to handle untrustworthy insurance companies. A lawyer will be able to speak on your behalf and fight for your best interests, avoiding miscommunication between the involved parties. They also understand in-depth details surrounding California’s personal injury laws, which means they can secure a higher compensation than others without a Pasadena car accident attorney. With legal representation, you do not have to worry about fighting with withholding insurance companies and can focus on healing from your car accident.


Payouts on insurance claims often do not consider all the facts of a car accident, which can lead to long-term financial issues. Car accidents cause serious injuries that require extensive medical treatment, constant doctor appointments, and considerable recovery time. When insurance companies offer minimal compensation following an accident, the amount usually will not cover the continual medical care that some accident victims will require for the rest of their lives. These companies only throw money at immediate injuries and damage, but not at the complications that come weeks, months, or even years after your accident.


The costs of catastrophic injuries can go far beyond what most families can handle without financial support, especially if you are unable to work because of your injuries. You should not have to go into debt to cover your medical bills due to the irresponsible actions of a reckless driver. That is where a Pasadena car accident lawyer can step in to help.


Rose Accident Lawyers will investigate every aspect of your car accident, including examining evidence, collecting medical documentation, and reviewing testimony. After our investigation, we build a solid car accident claim for fair compensation on your behalf. We do not shy away from the battle. Our legal team will fight tirelessly to get the compensation you need to move forward with your life.

What To Do At The Scene Of A Pasadena Car Accident

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After a crash, a million thoughts could be running through your mind. Your adrenaline is pumping, you are checking to see if your passengers or yourself are hurt, and you have to make sure you are not in a dangerous location. However, we recommend you stay calm and try to focus on your next few moves. Below is a list of things you should do immediately following a car accident:

Stay At The Scene

Despite any fear or panic you might feel at the moment, always remain at the scene of a car accident until everyone is checked out and information is exchanged. It is illegal to leave an accident scene if you were involved. If you leave, especially if someone has been injured or killed, you can face serious criminal charges.

Check For Injuries

Prioritize your health and safety after a car accident – as well as any others that are involved. First, check yourself for any injuries. If you are not incapacitated or seriously hurt, check on all passengers and drivers of other cars. It is important that anyone injured gets help right away.


If you are in a car accident and see that someone is injured, you should always help. California has a Good Samaritan statute, which provides protection for those who aid others in an emergency situation. You might have to move someone out of harm’s way or provide life-saving measures. However, we advise being on the phone with a medical professional or emergency personnel before rendering aid.

Call 911

Even if you are not injured, call 911 immediately for anyone with injuries. Even if you are a medical professional, it is best to call an emergency team who have been trained for auto accidents. Wait with any injured parties and try to help if possible until an ambulance or fire truck arrives.


Call Police

After a car accident, always contact the local police department. A police officer will be able to document an account of the accident.


When an officer arrives, ask for a police report to be filed. This will help keep details of the accident clear and strengthen your claim if you decide to pursue one. The report will show the severity and location of the accident, any injuries sustained, and other important details that might be missed without documentation. Also, take down the badge numbers and names of any officers that arrive.

Exchange Information with Involved Parties

When speaking with any involved parties, try to stay calm, cordial, and cooperative. This is a high-stress situation, but it is important to remain focused and kind – even when you have to deal with an at-fault party who may not be as agreeable.


Everyone involved should exchange names, addresses, and phone numbers. State laws differ on what information you need or are expected to exchange. But at a minimum, make sure to exchange all names and insurance information. However, the more information you have the better off you will be. Some other useful information includes:


  • Any involved driver’s phone number
  • Any involved driver’s license number and vehicle registration
  • The make, model, and license plate numbers of all involved vehicles
  • Collect the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all drivers
  • Name and contact information for anyone who witnessed the accident
  • Name, badge number, and phone number for any law enforcement officers who respond to the accident scene
  • Obtain names, addresses, and phone numbers of other passengers and any witnesses

Take Pictures

This is an important step that not everyone thinks to do right after an accident. Take multiple photos from different angles of the damage to the vehicles. Also, make sure to take pictures of the accident scene, traffic obstacles, and road signs. These pictures are vital as they can help strengthen your claim.

Notify Your Insurance

Even if you decide not to pursue a personal injury claim, you should tell your own insurance company about the car accident as soon as possible. It is important to work with your insurance and to be honest about what happened. If you did not cause the car accident, your insurance company will start dealing with the other driver(s) insurance company.

Rose Accident Lawyers Can Help You

Many car accident victims can feel confused and isolated. Being injured in a car accident can be one of the most traumatic experiences in someone’s lifetime. In addition, the stresses that arise with managing their medical bills, property damage, lost income, and other consequences after a car accident. Attempting to manage a personal injury claim on top of all that is more than some can handle.

That is why Rose Accident Lawyers has supported families like yours for years, helping countless people move on from their car accidents. Our law firm is here for you, every step of the way. Let a Pasadena car accident lawyer guide you throughout the process. To find out how our Pasadena car accident lawyers can help you in your car accident case, call us today at 626-995-8065.

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