How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You After a Bicycle Accident

after a bicycle accident

Regrettably, every year, over 100,000 Americans suffer an injury after a bicycle accident. We understand that you might have trauma or don’t know what to do. But, you shouldn’t be stuck with the burden of medical treatment and lost wages. And if your bicycle accident injury happened some time ago, it might not be too late to build your bicycle accident case. California allows you two years from the day you suffered a personal injury to file a claim. However, California might make an exception for minors.

With some exceptions, personal injury law settles disputes in the civil court. However, personal injury law can get complex, with looming deadlines to build your bicycle accident case. Here are the benefits of having a personal injury lawyer handle your bicycle accident claim.


Understand Your Case’s Challenges

A personal attorney advises you of the challenges your bicycle accident case faces. The complexity of your bicycle accident case determines how long the case takes.

For example, your case’s investigation might take months, while others take less time. Your personal injury attorney explains a tentative timeline for your case.


Get Medical Care After a Bicycle Accident

Even if you don’t think your injuries are severe, it’s wise to seek medical attention immediately. Sometimes post injuries or fatal injuries arise after sustaining a bicycle accident injury. Regrettably, nearly 1,000 people lose their lives every year in bike accidents.

Also, when you visit a doctor, you create legal bicycle accident documents. Sometimes post bicycle accident injuries occur. Your personal injury lawyer knows how to factor this in for more compensation.

If the at-fault insurance company refuses to help you get care, a personal injury lawyer steps in. Personal injury lawyers have connections with medical experts. So, you receive the proper medical tests to get pertinent care.

Also, these specific tests diagnose injuries. The more severe your bicycle accident injury, the greater your compensation package. If your attorney is an emergency contact, they can help you receive medical attention.


Bicycle Accident Lawyers Deal with Insurance Companies

A professional personal injury attorney has the savvy to deal with insurance companies. An insurance company has a financial incentive to underpay a settlement, or not pay at all. Your attorney understands if the insurance company is lowballing you. Also, consider that if the insurance company wants to settle right away, it’s because it’s cheaper to do so. If you don’t know the extent of your injuries, the settlement might not be enough to cover your injuries.

An insurance company might make you take a medical exam with their doctors before paying. But your attorney ensures all your injuries are properly diagnosed and not misrepresented. Consider that the at-fault party might be considering options for attorneys. So, what you say to insurance companies might hurt your bicycle accident claim. Insurance providers document your statements. The potential to misspeak about your bicycle accident injury is immense.

Also, you might not know the full extent of your injuries. Your statements to the insurance provider might go on the record before a full medical diagnosis. As a result, it can negatively influence your compensation package. It’s beneficial to have a personal injury attorney speak on your behalf.


Build Your Bicycle Accident Case

Did you remember to file a police report after sustaining your bicycle accident injury? Did you get witness statements? Personal injury attorneys gather the legal evidence to substantiate your bicycle accident claim.

This includes gathering those critical witness statements and following up on police reports. In addition, if there is video footage or surveillance video of your bicycle accident injury, a personal injury lawyer understands the proper protocol to obtain this vital evidence legally.

Gathering legal evidence varies in each bicycle accident case. Personal injury lawyers have contacts with credible experts like bicycle accident reconstruction professionals to mental health analysis to strengthen your claim.


A Lawyer will Determine the Value of Your Damages

Have you been unable to work because of your bicycle accident injury? Personal injury attorneys also factor in economic damages.

Economic damages also include any paid sick leave or vacation time you have taken. Paycheck stubs and work contracts also help calculate lost wages, such as:

  • Missed work promotions
  • Work bonuses and tips
  • Lost retirement fund contributions

Personal injury lawyers also factor future lost wages into your bicycle accident claim. Medical reports for long-term treatment aid in this calculation. A personal injury lawyer has contacts with mental health experts to diagnose mental and emotional damages from your bicycle accident injury.


Collect Bicycle Accident-Related Documents

Personal injury attorneys understand the nuances of personal injury law and will meet all deadlines for submitting your bicycle accident documents. If you’re still mulling options for attorneys, remember, California gives you two years after a bicycle accident to file a claim.

And if you don’t discover your bicycle accident injury immediately, California only gives you a year to make your bicycle accident case. Don’t hesitate to pursue your options for attorneys to get full and fair compensation.


You Lawyer will Present the Evidence

Personal injury lawyers present the evidence of your bicycle accident case. During the discovery process, your lawyers present the pertinent bicycle accident documents. Other evidence includes medical reports, police reports, testimonies, and proof of lost wages.

In reality, few personal injury cases, including bicycle accident claims, go to trial. However, you decide to accept the offer if a settlement is reached. A benefit of having a personal injury lawyer means they will assess if the settlement is fair.

In the offshoot chance that your bicycle accident case goes to trial, a personal injury lawyer represents you. Just like during discovery, your lawyer proves that the defendant is liable for your bicycle accident injury.


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